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About company

The trademark TRIALLI comes from the name Trìplice Alleanza (from Italian: “The Triple Alliance”) – an association of independent Italian enterprises manufacturing products under a single brand, with a single distribution network.Comprised of exceptionally Italian companies at the first stage, currently TRIALLI is a Russian brand.

In 2005, the Russian representative office was opened, which was promoting the Trialli brand, carrying out marketing research, and developing the dealer network.

Since 2009, the Managing company Carville has become the General Distributor of Trialli brand within the Russian Federation, representing the interests, marketing, and distributing the products on an exclusive basis, and carrying out activities for marketing and advertising promotion of Trialli brand.

Economic crisis that combusted in Europe in 2011, as well as boost of sales and successful promotion of Trialli within the Russian market prompted the Trialli s.r.l. to apply to the Russian representative office for partial transfer of coordination functions, with a possibility of independent distribution of orders amongst Triplice Allienza enterprises.

In 2012, Carville became a legal assignee of the brand Trialli on the global market of car parts. TRIALLI became a completely Russian brand.

Trialli specializes in production of aftermarket parts for light cars and trucks.

Products come in two design variants: Linea Qualita (medium class) and Linea Superiore (premium class)

Trialli offers parts for the following automotive systems:

- Brake system

- Transmission

- Steering system

The following parts are marketed independently:

- Bearings

- Seals

- General rubber goods

All Trialli products have convenient and high-quality package protecting products against damage during transportation and storage.

Individual package features stylish design and made to the uniform standards established by Trialli.

For the moment, TRIALLI forms the part of the MC Carville, which represents the interests, and ensures marketing and distribution of products of several brands - LUZAR, AIRLINE, TRIALLI, StartVOLT, INMOTION, on an exclusive basis.

The Managing company Carville aims at construction of an efficient system of marketing products of diverse product categories within the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as in Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.